Champion Cellulose Fiber Insulation


If you think you are losing money through the roof – you might be!

Regardless of how old your house is you should always see if there is enough insulation in the attic. To determine if you have enough insulation, measure the depth of insulation in your attic. If you have 13-14 inches of Cellulose insulation or 19 inches of blown fiberglass you should be at the right R-49 level. if you have less than that, there is an opportunity to save money by installing more Cellulose insulation on top of the existing insulation.

To calculate your potential energy savings, use our Savings Calculator to determine what’s right for you.

If the attic is correctly insulated and the house still seems to be “leaking heat” in winter or getting too hot in summer, check all of your windows and doors for a tight seal. It may mean that you need to add insulation into your sidewalls, crawl spaces or your basement.